Paintball, lasertag, muurklimmen, survival, highland games & natuurlijk een uitstekende service!


What are the Stafort Highland Games

The Highland games originally hail from the Highlands of Scotland where the clans used to battle each other. Dressed in the traditional kilt you will compete in the different categories of our Highland Games and you will discover your inner "Braveheart"!

Highland Games Categories (Team/Individual)

* Shot ( T+I)...

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35 euro pp Half day program ( +/- 2,5 hours ), 55 euro pp day program ( +/- 5 hours )

What is Toys 4 Boys?
Toys 4 Boys is a program in which boys' dreams are realized through 3 categories of the program.


Bugxter driving experience (1 hour):
This category introduces the participants to all aspects of driving a bugxter.
Following the briefing a unique driving experience with the bugxters will commence.


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€ 75pp.

Paintball is an adventurous game that can be played indoors as well as outdoors where 2 teams compete against each other.

Cooperation and strategy are essential.

Contestants receive the following equipment: a semi-automatic marker, 100 paintballs, a mask and a camouflage overall.

You can choose between...

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€30/day €25/day period

The "Robinson of Stafort island" will be chosen on the basis of multiple tests. Our Robinson tests are dressed up to create the right atmosphere. Who among the expedition members will be able to call him or herself the "Robinson of Stafort"?
De juiste inkleding van onze Robinsonproeven zorgt meteen voor de sfeer. Wie van de expeditieleden mag zich op het einde van de dag de Robinson van...

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45 € pp/half day, 65 € pp/whole day

Our selection of activities was recently expanded by the outdoor experience department. Through this outdoor experience we will go back to the roots of outdoor :
Sportive activities in nature while respecting nature.

The unique setting of Stabroek's fort will certainly add an extra dimension.

So you will no longer have to go to the Ardennes for an outdoor experience, you...

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Cfr. Programs

What is bugxter challenge?
Driving a bugxter is a genuine voyage of discovery:
Under the guidance of an experienced instructor who ensures that everything runs smoothly and safely, you will journey across the most beautiful areas in these wonderful two-seater vehicles.
The bugxter is quite easily operated and you will soon be able to enjoy the majestic view with the...

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On request.