What can I expect of an initiation or workshop?

Firstly, competitors get a short briefing about the fencing sports, the outfit and the tools. Afterwards everyone gets a personal gear: a vest, a mask, gloves and a saber. The basics of fencing are thought in a playful fashion.

As soon as the competitors learn the foot-techniques and a few attack/defense techniques, we can start dueling. Competitors can challenge each other for a duel. After individual competitions we can start dueling in teams. When dueling in teams, team members need to achieve as many victories as possible to beat the opposing team.

Competitors and duration

The fencing workshop is targeted for adults, adolescents and children (minimum age 8 years old). A workshop can be provided starting from 4 players up to more than 100 players.

The duration of the workshop depends on your preference and can take from 30 mınutes up to 3 hours. It is possible to arrange multiple initiations in a row. Initiations can be combined with a demonstration of fencing.


Befer a game of archery, competitors receive an initiation about the basics of archery.

After the initiation the competition arching starts, with bow and arrow!

A 'clinic' of archery takes about 1,5 hours. So you can choose to book this clinic as a short activity, for instance as a nice intermezzo for your meeting or party.


A variant of the golf sports is disc-golf, but in stead of golf balls and clubs, we use discs!

The goal is to land the disc into the target (known as the "pole-hole") in as few throws as possible. The metal chains on the target stop the disc in flight so it lands in the basket.

Trees, ponds and possibly hills are the natural setting of a disc-golf course.

After an initiation about the discs, the targets and the different techgniques of throwing, the players take part in a 9 or 18 hole course.

You compete in teams as well as individually and you will notice your technique improving fast during the game.

Wine and beer tasting

A wine tasting as a workshop: Enjoy a nice glass of wine with your clients or co-workers.

Minimum 15 competitors
Duration : +/- 2 hours


Fortress of Stabroek
Outdoor center Schaffen
On location

On demand