Robinson of Stafort Island

The "Robinson of Stafort island" will be chosen on the basis of multiple tests. Our Robinson tests are dressed up to create the right atmosphere. Who among the expedition members will be able to call him or herself the "Robinson of Stafort"?
De juiste inkleding van onze Robinsonproeven zorgt meteen voor de sfeer. Wie van de expeditieleden mag zich op het einde van de dag de Robinson van Stafort noemen ?

It is a concept with a lot of variation in its tests so there will be something for everyone.

The final score of each contestant is partially dependent on a nomination process.


Fire testf
A fire striker, pieces of Maya sticks, birch bark, kindling and a knife are used to create a fire within a fire ring above which a horizontal rope is strung. The object of the test is to burn through the rope as quickly as possible.

Raft/bridge building
After a knot tying initiation, a raft or bridge will be constructed.

Communication test
Messages are sent by means of semaphore flags

Obstacle course
The contestants attempt to complete the course with their team as quickly as possible. It is important the obstacles are conquered as a team.

The contestants receive fishing supplies and attempt to catch as many fish as possible within the allotted time span.

Hunting test ( with bow )
Who can use the bow to hit the wildlife attached to the targets?

Eat and/or taste test
Test your sense of smell and attempt to recognize the natural aromas.

The Chase
Two teams will attempt to gain on each other while following a closed course.

Balancing test/endurance test
Who will be able to remain on the balancing beam the longest or who will be able to hang on the longest?

Stafort puzzle
Memorize the map and put the pieces of the puzzles in the right spot

Build an aqueduct to transport water to the reservoir. Be advised that there is not enough bamboo...

Hollow Timberr
Use water in an attempt to remove the coconut from the hollow bamboo pole. Beware of the holes in the bamboo pole...


Half a day ( 6 selections )
Price 45 euro pp

Entire day ( 12 selections )
Price 65 euro pp

Catering :

Nature cooking


Fortress of Stabroek

45 € pp/half day, 65 € pp/whole day